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Brian Dunning says West Coast Precision Diecast will close...

Thursday, 29 January 2009 19:31 by Peter

On Thursday January 29, 2009 at 1:25 AM, Brian Dunning posted the following on the D4C Bulletin Board:

The door will close on WCPD.
"As a lot of you are aware Wcpdi has tried to do the best to make the very best car I could make . Please this has nothing to do with what George just said .I want to say thanks to all my friends that is also George . I have been looking for away to team up with FM I had it in the back of my mind that if we could team up FM taking over WCPDI and letting me work on some of my new projects . I would have enjoyed going to China and over seeing the projects This would have included re tooling a number of FM tools . And getting rid of a lot .I had hoped with the way people think of WCPDI cars and the way I have tried to take care of any problem that has come up this could have been a good mix . This is not going to happen FM just to big . I am now calling it Quits as of now The people that have said I would not make it your right . One last thing I have to say . This is for the A holes that did not ever understand me . All of you had a chance to have cars that you will never see from FM or DM I will no longer make cars But I go out with my head hung high You all have a small part of me I took a lot of chances most did not work One did I was able to make cars my way and ones you most likly would not have seen other than by me . I will not cut the cost of the cars I do not want to hurt anyone Thank you my friends."


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