1:43 SCALE! Automodello 1966 Griffith 600 Series LE 192

Photographed and Reviewed by Peter Brown

Automodello follows up its Griffith Series 200 with this 1966 Griffith series 600 in cream. The model carries Andrew "Jack" Griffith's signature and personal endorsement. As you view these images, keep reminding yourself that this model is only three inches long.

Check out the minute details like the windshield wipers, the emblem on the hood, and the tiny, amber side marker lights.

Here, the model is shown mounted on its base, and held in place with two screws and springs. Note the VIN plate—an unusual feature of Automodello's Founder's Edition models.

In this view, the clear acrylic cover has been placed onto the base, where it fits snugly, creating a virtually airtight display.

The model and case are packaged in a black cardboard box, and also included is a certificate of authenticity signed by Andrew "Jack" Griffith.

Note the delicate engraved lines denoting panel gaps, the tiny badge towards the rear of the front fender, and the spectacular wheels. Even the redline tires manage to look appropriately scaled, despite their diminutive size.

You can really appreaciate the creamy color and the remarkable realism of this model in this aerial view.

Out back, the license plate, emblems, and taillight assemblies continue this fine detail, along with the delicate bumper and exhaust pipes, making for a very convincing presentation.

Production is limited to 192 pieces, and the model retails for $195.