1/24 Motor City USA 1937 Talbot Lago, LE of 300 (burgundy)

Photographed by Peter Brown

Motor City 1937 Talbot Lago T-150 w/Body by Falaschi et Figoni
This ultra-limited edition of just 300 models is one of the most prized models in my 1:24 scale collection. The paint is even richer, and has even more depth than my DM 59 Eldorado Biarritz, and that's really saying something. I've long admired the so-called French Curves, rolling sculptures like Talbot and Delahaye. This one cost me rather more than my other models, but to me it was worth every penny. Both the 1:1 car and the model are truly works of art. These were also made in a 300 piece edition in 2-tone blue and gray, and a 50 piece edition in black. All are rare and extremely desirable. Thanks again Tony for allowing me to buy this flawless replica. I've got to take some better photos of it one of these days.