1/24 Franklin Mint 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible

Photographed by Peter Brown

One of FM's newer tools, this model benefits greatly from improvements like photo-etched grillwork and badging, higher levels of detail on the interior and engine compartment, and a realistic convertible top. It just goes to show what FM can do when they put their minds to it.

The interior "feels" really good, and not just the seats, which have a more realistic soft vinyl-rubber feel rather than hard plastic, and they tilt forward too. The fixed visors are okay, but just. The seat belts, front and rear, are particularly well done, and the dash controls and gauges are respectable. Some low points would be those big, red, hammy hood hinges, and the overall mold could have been "crisper" like WCPD models.

Kudos for a finished under-hood surface, complete with labels, a great set of "alloy" wheels which really punch the realism up a notch or two, and a convertible top and boot that fit great. I tend to like the "plain janes" over the variants with scoops and stripes, but somehow the stripes on this one don't bother me the way they do on classic Mustangs. To my eye, they seem better suited to the modern interpretation of this design. I do wish they'd put white-walls and full wheel covers on, though (kidding).

I gotta tell you, this was really the surprise hit of the recent bunch of FM models I was able to acquire at below wholesale. Acceptable at the retail price (which is saying something), this model is a standout value at wholesale or below. If you're a Mustang fan I suggest you grab one before Vicki's runs out.