DM 1958 Chevrolet Impala Coupe 50th Anniversary Edition modified by Brad Wall

Photographed by Peter Brown

DM issued this Glen Green '58 Impala back in 2008 for the car's 50th anniversary, and while the color was good, and the lack of a continental kit was great, the model retained some of its old-tool awkwardness. Modifications were made as follows: The chrome rocker panel moldings which were too wide, were paired down about 20%, and the thick ungainly masts at the tail end were replaced with much finer scale antennas. Also, the side spear was repainted with the proper brushed stainless insert. Lastly, the roof was repainted in an authentic Arctic White. With these modifications Brad has turned this mixed bag of good and bad into a real beauty, and it holds a place of pride in my display.