1/24 Danbury Mint 1931 Ford Model A Coupe Limited Edition

Photographed by Peter Brown

This little sweetheart in Burgundy with black fenders and upper body/roof has to be seen up close to be fully appreciated. The myriad fine details and the subtle textures and colors begin to blur as you get an inch or two farther away, so I'll take you up close for an in-person look through the camera lens.

Exterior details abound, with the incredibly fine pinstriping, the realistic flexible metal wiring conduits leading to the front lamps, the minutely scaled door hinges--it seems the closer you look, the more surprises emerge to delight the senses.

Just look at the wonderfully cast quail atop the radiator shell, or the fine mesh stone guard. Then there's the fully plumbed and wired little engine, the perfect Ford lettering on the radiator and the spare tire covers (note how the covers are done so realistically in a simulated thin rubber-like material).

I love how the interior has a sort-of mohair-looking material on the seats and door panels, while the rumble seat is fashioned in a more practical (for the elements) leather, and in a contrasting medium reddish-brown hue.

And to top it all off, an articulating luggage rack on the back finished in chrome with wood slats, and a fitted trunk with opening lid and real working latches (and it stays on with a magnet). Way to knock our socks off DM!