1/24 scale Photo Comparison: FM & DM Plymouth Fury

Photographed by Peter Brown

Danbury Mint 1958 Fury "Christine" and Franklin Mint 1957 Plymouth Fury

One couldn't help looking at DM's first 1958 Plymouth Fury painted in Buckskin Beige and thinking... ...just paint it that unique shade of red, change the side spears from gold to silver, make a few minor adjustments, and you've got Christine—the meanest b-tch on wheels since "The Car" (Universal Pictures, 1977). Well, DM was listening and the result is this wonderful replica that looks like it just drove off of the movie screen, right down to it's California license plates. She sits a bit lower than a stock Fury, and you'll note a few other subtle differences which perfectly portray the car in the film. A must-have for fans—the best Christine replica ever (even if the high beams don't work).

The 57 Fury is one of FM's more recent tools, and I have to give them credit for getting a lot of things right, and improving their game. This Fury has fine detail, photo-etch scripts, and a very realistic interior. It also has great paint, panel fit, and stance, with working suspension. Hidden door hinges, scaled down trunk hinges, and scissor type under the hood, all mark improvements we look for in new releases. The one area where they dropped the ball was in replicating the shape of the roof. Actually, the shape is pretty good, it's just too high up front above a too-tall windshield, and too low at the rear, giving it an exaggertaed downward slope. It really stands out when you place it next to the Danbury version (Fury rooflines were unchanged from 57 to 58), but when viewed on its own, it is far less noticeable, except to the most discerning eye. I like it well enough to keep it in my collection, though I'm careful not to place it next to Christine.