1/24 Danbury and Franklin Mint 1956 Lincoln Premiers and Continental Mark II's

Photographed by Peter Brown

Franklin Mint 1956 Continental Mark II WCF (above and below)
This was William Clay Ford's personal car, and FM's repaint looks terrific in blue. The '56 Mark has long been considered one of the Franklin Mint's finer achievements in diecast, and its reputation is well-deserved. The model's fidelity to the original, its heft and lustrous paint job, and even those small details like the badging and trim and the hood ornament deserve a second look. Whether you own the WCF, the Pebble Beach Edition in white, the Dubonnet red, or the original black version, it's a sure fire hit.

Franklin Mint 1956 Continental Mark II Convertible (above and below)
Lincoln never produced this car as a convertible, but it sent a few out for custom conversion as pre-production prototypes. This was always a great diecast by FM. The original coupe version in Black is stunning, and one of the mint's better efforts. The D4C commissioned for its members this gorgeous limited edition convertible (only 869) in Shenandoah Green, which is a perfect partner for the Black coupe or the new Dubonnet Red edition. FM has yet to repaint this model, and the originals are getting harder to find.