1/24 Danbury Mint Thunderbird photo groupings: "Blackbirds" and "A Flock of Thunderbirds"

"Blackbirds" Photographed by Peter Brown

Danbury Mint 1962 Ford Thunderbird Landau Coupe (above top right and below)
This is the second car in DM's LE Thunderbird series, which began with the yellow '55 model. The Landau Coupe in black is, in a word, stunning. Flawless paint application and upgrades to the older tooling make this a keeper. While the dogleg door hinges are carried over, front fender scripts are now photo-etched, and the simulated vinyl roof has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Love the choice of parchment for the interior.

"A Flock of Thunderbirds" Photographed by Peter Brown

Danbury Mint 1955 Ford Thunderbird (above right)
This model brings a smile to your face just like the real car does. It's just so dead-on, and the details are so wonderful, that you almost expect to see a 1:24 person hop in it and drive off. I can't wait to see the other Thunderbirds in the series. Watch out for those tiny photo-etched emblems though--they are easily lost. I use a clear acrylic to seal and protect them.

Danbury Mint 1959 Ford Thunderbird Coupe (second from right above and below)
This is the third model in Danbury's Thunderbird series. I love the period colors--Tahitian bronze with a cream colored roof. The interior is warm and inviting in coordinating tones of tan and cream. Special details on this one include the spring-opening trunk lid, and opened rear quarter windows whose chromed tops can be seen peeking out the edge of their recesses in the body panel. Fit of the trunk and hood is remarkably precise, requiring a sharp toothpick to get them started. In either case, what greets you is more amazing detail.