Display Options

Honestly, what good are these models if you don't display them where they can be seen? For me at least, the enjoyment I get from these models is in seeing them every day.
Most of us collectors have garages and attics full of little white boxes, but mine are empty. I just can't see buying these beautiful little works of art, and then putting them away in a dark closet somewhere, where they can't be seen or enjoyed. What's the point? Investment? Probably not the best idea, for while several of these models do appreciate in value due to their rarity, those are the exceptions.
To truly enjoy and appreciate these models they must be displayed, and to keep them clean they should be in a case. They also need to be lighted to show off their wonderful details. In this section I'll discuss and demonstrate a number of display options to help you enjoy your collection even more.

  Custom Display Case


  Display Case #2


  Easy Display Lifts