FM 1969 Corvette

69 Corvette Wire Wheels

Our next subject is the FM 1969 Corvette T-Top Coupe. This model was also issued in a red, white and blue flag motif, and will soon be re-released as a limited edition in black (more on that below).
While I tend to gripe about the feautures lacking on older toolings like this, I happen to like this model anyway. Maybe it's the color--somehow the Monaco Orange paint reminds me of the real cars I remember seeing when I was young. My main complaint on the 69 Vette is the wire wheel covers. They just lack depth, and give the model a toy-like appearance.

Model's Wheels Before Detailing

The Same Wheels on a Real 1:1 Car

Model's Wheels After Detailing

This detailing was done using a product called "The Detailer" from Long Enterprises. It is water soluble so if you make a mistake you can just wash it off. I found it was very easy to apply with a wet brush following the instructions provided. This was a perfect example of how a "black wash" can add depth and realism to a chromed part like a wheel or grille, where the chrome plating between the raised areas (like spokes or bars) detracts from the part's appearance.
I'm delighted to report that after seeing my modification in a diecast forum, Michelle and the team at Mint Models made this revision to the pre-production model's wheels for their upcoming FM exclusive 69 Corvette LE in black (from the same tooling), along with other improvements suggested by collectors for the orange car. Of course, the blackout on the LE's wheels will be done by the factory so it won't wash off. Only 750 will be made so if you're interested don't delay. Bravo Michelle!