FM 1961 Lincoln, Part 2

61 Continental Chrome Wheel Well Trim

Our next subject is the FM 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible. This model was also issued in black with a white top, and white with a black top.
Elsewhere on this site I've detailed the many dramatic improvements Wadus Exum made to this model, but I've done a few more. The more I looked at pictures of the 1:1 real car, the more I noticed details the mint had missed. The slab-sided body is free of any decoration, so the chrome trim surrounding the fender tops is especially noticeable. However, I thought the lack of chrome trim lining the wheel wells was noticeable by its absence, and that the blacked-out bumper edges looked strange.

Continental Before Chrome Detailing

A Real 1:1 Car Showing the Wheel Well Trim

This detailing was done using a product called Bare Metal Foil. It takes a little practice, but it was fairly easy to work with following the instructions provided. In addition to the wheel well openings, I also chromed the bumper edges, and the tips of the convertible roof welt.
For a first attempt I thought it looked pretty good, but looking again at the real car I could see that the chrome wheel well trim on the model needed to be even narrower. So, I peeled it off and did it over. It's still not quite to scale, but it's as close as I could get it, and I really like the overall effect.